Lesson Plans

Explore the intersection between science, creativity and poetry. Teachers can use these slideshows and accompanying notes to deliver lessons in school.


illustration of a whale swimming underwater, with fish and brightly coloured coral

We are the Sea: poetry lesson plan on the relationship between whales and humans. Ages 4-9.

illustration of green alien in a spacesuit with a blue background, surrounded by multicoloured planets and a rocket

We are the Universe: poetry lesson plan on the Big Bang, space and the connected universe. Ages 7-11.

We are DNA: poetry lesson plan on cells and DNA, metaphor and repetition. Ages 7-11.

Illustration of a polar bear sat on a small piece of ice, with a plan and oil rigs in the background and litter in the foreground.

We, The Reef: poetry lesson plan on climate change, symbiosis, coral reefs and algae. Ages 11-14.

Illustration of the human body, showing a brain, lungs, intestines and heart.

We are Cell Tissue: poetry lesson plan on cell tissue (epithelium), metaphor and word association. Ages 14-18.


Coding lesson plan including how to mindmap your idea, create a storyboard, and bring the idea to life with Scratch. Find the lesson plan here.

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